About Us

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Reid's focus is to make sure our customers understand the need for following a regular maintenance schedule to extend the quality of their vehicles safety and life. Reid's mission is to provide our customers with an open, honest, cost efficient car care environment. Reid prides himself in sharing and applying his Honda knowledge and aptitude, allowing customers to understand their car's maintenance needs.


Reid has been servicing nothing but Hondas and Acuras for over 31 years. There isn't anything that happens to a Honda that we haven't already fixed many times before. During his many years Reid has tracked trends and this knowledge is taught and applied daily. The knowledge that we pass on means we can save time and money, we can diagnose quickly and easily, diverting long expensive fact finding fixes. This is how we can diagnose for free, giving quality service at affordable prices. We work hard to provide our customers the total package.


At Reid's we offer genuine Honda parts, we also offer quality "after market" parts and we will advise when these can be used to the customers advantage both in superior quality and cost. We also use genuine Honda fluids for your engine, transmission, and differential needs.